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Evolution of Metaverse in India

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Evolution of Metaverse in India

The Metaverse has evolved way faster in India than any other place, says Rajat Ojha, CEO Gamitronics

In this episode of InConversation; Queenie Nair of ET Edge Insights speaks to the founder and CEO of Gamitronics, Rajat Ojha. Rajat discusses the possibilities of India ruling the metaverse space, dealing with the Covid situation, and the changing role of the theme park landscape. He also explains how AR/VR and robotics powers the future of gaming.

Ojha is the Creator of chart-topping games on mobile and Playstation. He is an advisor for Betting & Gaming vertical in Samsung Harman. He has worked on VR experiences for AAA titles like Resident Evil, Battlefield, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Hack Attack etc. and owns sports VR IPs. A veteran in video games, serious games, and simulation industry. An expert in AI and especially conversational AI and F2P games, Rajat has developed games which clocked over 85M downloads. He is also currently working on multiple theme park projects across the globe alongside developing India’s very first holistic and immersive Metaverse called PartyNite.

You just change the content or you just update the content. That’s how dynamic the theme park industry has become. But during Pandemic, of course there was a hit. But I would say it was a blessing in disguise, I think it allowed us time to shift from the traditional to the digital.

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